JWT/Banana Boat — Future Memory


Today’s children spend significantly less time mucking around outdoors. The default setting is to sit in front of a screen rather than go out into the backyard and simply play. Banana Boat and the Future Memory campaign looked to communicate this dramatic shift in children’s experiences, compelling parents to look at their children’s lives and put a greater value on spending time outside.
We approached recreating a series of selected memories from a number of perspectives, looking at both what the experiences would have felt like and how they are often remembered. This multi-layered technique which included treated footage, select stock footage and on set photography all worked to deliver the emotional message at the heart of this campaign.


Banana Boat / JWT
Creative. Sinead Roarty & Dale McGuiness
Agency Producer. Ellen Fraser

Direction. Phillip Sage
Producer. Marcus Butler
DP. Hugh Miller
Editor. Gabe Dowrick
Post & Grade. White Chocolate