BELIEVERS, a new book by photographer Tobias Rowles intimately captures people unified in their belief and devotion to the St George Illawarra rugby league team. Building on this rich subject matter this short film promotes the book by telling the stories of some of the key people that it features.

Both the book and film tell a personal and collective narrative – one that charts not only the individual histories of fans and their passion for one of the most recognised teams in Australian sport, but also celebrates the cultural diversity that is modern Australia.

The imagery and stories told capture the belief, emotion and trust fans invest in their club. As well it highlights the significance sport plays in the lives of individuals as a means of personal expression, a building block for identity, a place to belong and a foundation for community.

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Direction. Phillip Sage
Book. Tobias Rowles
DP. Brett Brown
Camera Assist. Spencer Austad
Audio Mix. Stuart Welch / Sonar Sound